"An Entirely Different Galaxy"


As Bay Area residents, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity  to shop at Go Figure SF in person.  It was the most amazing shopping  experience we have ever had.  The owner and buyer, Carolyn Honig,  has assembled racks and racks (and racks) of gorgeous designer clothes  in larger sizes, creating a collection so vast that it took five hours  to shop through.  As a larger woman, I thought that I was consigned for  life to the limited selection of dumpy, generally ugly clothes that  department stores like to hide in the back corner.  You know the ones,  where you think to yourself, "how could someone do that to an innocent  piece of fabric?"  Go Figure's beautiful clothes are not just worlds  apart, but from an entirely different galaxy -- and at surprisingly  affordable prices.  My expectations for plus-size clothes shopping will  never be the same.  Thank you, Carolyn!  I cannot recommend Go Figure  enough.
February 17, 2019

Quality and Selection


I have been buying clothing on line through this website for about one  year. I love the quality of the clothing Carolyn carries and do not find  the same brands locally.  Delivery is always prompt and the selection  is great. I have never had to return anything. I buy little from other  merchants.
Suri Friedman
July 14, 2017

An Exceptional Experience


Spent two hours at Go Figure today with my mother. After seeing what  kinds of styles I was gravitating towards, Carolyn pulled out two  amazing pieces that perfectly match my aesthetic and that I would have  missed without her eye. I am so happy with what I just purchased there,  particularly because the things she has are unique and unlike much of  what is available in regular stores. My mother was also very happy with  both her purchases and the process. The personal attention, great  fashion guidance, and inventory all make for an exceptional experience.  Very grateful! Lynea DH
May 4, 2017

Wear Forever


My friend Sonya and I had such fun today. We both love fabrics, and we  both dislike shopping. NOT today! We both found three items each that  we plan to wear forever. Being there in person really helped. Now we  have a sense of our sizes and how they translate with certain companies.  Carolyn was wonderful to offer to bring other items from other  racks/rooms as our needs became clearer. We will both be back and look  forward to the newsletters. And, my husband was so impressed that I  bought something and returned with a smile!! Nancy Moore Bess

April 29, 2017

A Unique Approach to Retail


Shopping at Carolyn's " boutique" was the highlight of my trip to the  States. What a unique approach to retail....so personal and fun. Carolyn  is a warm, outgoing person who helped make my shopping experience feel  like being in a girlfriend's home.  The inventory she has is amazing and  the prices are VERY reasonable. Hope to see you again soon Carolyn and many of my friends want to come  with me. Molly Chisamore
December 24, 2016  

Most Incredible Shopping Experience


My life has been crazy busy, and I've been meaning to write and rave about Carolyn since I met her on President's Day, February 18.  I was in the city, up from LA, and I just wanted some good quality,  cool, fun, and unique clothes. I searched the net and stumbled upon Go  Figure. Luckily Carolyn could see me, even on a holiday!   I had the MOST INCREDIBLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! Plus Carolyn's  customer service and product knowledge is exemplary! I felt welcome and  comfortable. She helped me with so many things, such an incredibly kind  woman.   I selected many beautiful pieces, and I have been wearing them since.  I'm incredibly happy to now know about this treasure trove with its most  radiant jewel being Carolyn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Margaret Washington
March 2, 2013


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Why Shop Anywhere Else?

Thank you again for the wonderful help yesterday. As I said, I have  never had a more wonderful time shopping.  I felt so pampered having  your help and being in your wonderful space. Why would I ever want to  shop anywhere else?!


January 13, 2012

Couldn't Be More Pleased

 Thank you Carolyn for your wonderful house/store. I bought over ten  outfits and each one flatters my figure - I couldn't be more pleased.  Plus. almost all of them were on sale for 20% - 60% off. What a bargain!  I plan to tell all of my friends who (like me) have plus size figures.
Ruth Shelby

August 24, 2011

What An Experience!

What an experience!!!  Never in my life did I have such an enjoyable  experience shopping for myself.  Not feeling out of place but in a  comforting place where there were so many choices.  Caroliyn was so  helpful and encouraging in our choices.   I will be  taking your clothes back to MD/DC and sharing where they came from.  I  look forward to some more great shopping.

Mary McZorn

October 10, 2010  

A Real Luxury

 So often shops for big women offer limited choices, or limited (read:  Boring) styles.  Go Figure is at the opposite end of the spectrum!  I  love how my conservative friend and I (who am extremely funky) can find  gorgeous, one-of-a-kind options that suit each of us.  The personalized  shopping assistance is a real luxury, too.  Thanks for making the  process of shopping a pleasure again!
Winifred M

October 10, 2010

Feel Like Royalty

 Hey, my sister & I came for a shop, and had THE best time together  at Go Figure. Carolyn made us feel like royalty, & left us on our  own when we needed it. There were a couple markdowns that we liked,  which helped us get the new items we wanted, & yet stay within  budget. Then, for more fun, we picked out something for our other  sister, too!
Lili & Robin
October 2, 2012

Fabulous, Unique and Fun

Ladies, if you're looking for a one-on-one shopping experience with  fabulous, unique and fun pieces, you must check out Go Figure!  

Lydia Boutique 

Larrieux Milwaukee, WI .

February 15, 2011

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